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Get the best ice creams in town!

 — Luciano Pavarotti —

"One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating."

About Us

It was a humble start of Eatally brand out of a very small unit at Wai MIDC back in December 2019, with an aim to provide premium ice creams made with pure milk and cream and all the good and quality ingredients.

It was our mission from start to avoid any preservatives or bad fat or anything that was not supposed to be inside an ice cream!​After a good learning time of 2 years with a good dosage of covid we persevered through hard times and supplied the ice creams to our loyal fans in Pune City and our fanbase continues to grow day by day.​


We intend to grow our foot print in Pune, Mumbai & Thane city first and then aim to become India’s first mass produced premium ice cream brand!​We promise to make and introduce new innovative ice creams with awesome ingredients and offer you guys best of the best!Your feedbacks and suggestions are always welcome which will help us make our products even better!​Thank you and we look forward to serve you again & again!

Ice Cream
Three Flavours of Ice Cream

Our ingredients

Quality raw material sourced from all over India & from France, Italy, USA, & Germany

At Eatally we use best of the ingredients right from top quality Milk & Cream to the flavouring ingredients which are imported from various foreign countries. for eg: Chocolate we use is of Barry Callebaut brand to usage of Lavender flowers imported from France.

It's these awesome ingredients which give you the feeling of authenticity and clean flavours right from the first scoop to last!

Meet The Team

Akshay Bhagwat pic_edited.png

Akshay Bhagwat

Founder & Chef
@ Eatally


Harshada Bhagwat

Founder @ Eatally

satish sir_edited.png


Advisor @ Eatally

Atul sir_edited.png


Advisor @ Eatally



please mail for any support or enquiry -

Manufacturing Unit - Congelato Diletto Pvt. Ltd. 135, dalvi Vadi, Nanded phata, Sinhagad road, pune 411041

Off Addrress - Congelato Diletto Pvt. Ltd. Sinhagad road, Pune 411051

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